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Lawrence & Xinia Otarola

Lawrence & Xinia Otarola have been married for over 25 years and have three wonderful children.The otarolas lead the center for leadership & Family Development, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the most coveted, admired and influnential leaders of the XXI Century. As speakers, writters, and producers of radio and television programs “Marriage,Serious Business.” and “Time to Act,” the Otarolas are strong believers that the best contribution we can make to this world is to become the kind of person God designed us to be.
The Otarola do not present as the perfect model or family. One the contrary, it is a couple who like many others, have faced their ups and downs, struggles and challenges, but over the years have survived and flourished.
Lawrence says,” What presely makes a company great, is not the absence of problems and difficulties, on the contrary , what makes it great is that even when there have been times when the company could not find the exit, when everthing seems to be over, and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, it has decided to continue withe the doors open, look for creative solutions, and fight for what it has, so today it is admired and respected as a great company”.

If anything has characterized the otarolas is that they have the firm conviction that marriage is, and will continue to be very serious business. This belief is what has given them the strength not only to endure and grow, but to start an international movement that is transforming the way thousands are regarding marriage, giving theme a new frame of reference that allows them to take hold of the tools needed to gives a new direction and meaning to their marriages.

Lawrence Otarola

Lawrence obtained his Masters (MSL) in Leadership and Organizational Change from Pfeiffer University, and a Master of Theology frome Andersonville Theological Seminary. He also earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Inter American University of Costa Rica and is currently a candidate for the Master Of Business MBA at Pfeiffer University. Lawrence has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, communicator,educator,motivator,and community leader.

Xinia Otarola

Xinia earned her Bachelor of Science in Education frome the UNED, in Costa Rica, and is currently in charge of “Spanish en Su Casa”, a business devoted to teaching Spanish to children between 4 and 8 years old in their places of residence.
To contact the authors of this revolutionary movement, write:conectese@matrimonioempresa.com