What is marriage serious business

Our approach regards marriage as a life project, as an endeavor similar to that of two entrepreneurs who want to start their dream life project, as a long-term investment that requires patience, consistency, and a lifelong period to harvest its benefits.

This is the reason why we started a movement to persuade our generation and future generations that marriage is, and will continue to be, very serious business. This is done by getting a hold on the most serious and recent social research, best practices for successful and healthy homes, principles and laws of universal application, and tools and processes used in the business world,

We hope to spark a worldwide movement of marriage partners that teach young people what marriage really is, how to choose a partner for life, and what partnership model is by far the best. We hope that every home becomes a place where other couples are taught what the risk Sources are, what the Rules of the Game are, and how to build a solid marriage partnership. In addition, we hope to help those who have experienced the pain, failure, and loss of a separation and how to get up and rebuild a strong and vibrant marriage partnership. We started this movement under the banner of Marriage, Serious Business.

Marriage, Serious Business will shift the typical perception of marriage by relating it to the skills and kind of investment needed by an entrepreneur to start and sustain a thriving, vibrant, profitable business. We believe these concepts can produce a domino effect, triggering a series of escalated changes in families all around the world. This shift in perception towards a business view of marriage will transform how you value your family. These new attitudes will also likely alter how you feel. Though the way you feel may or may not ultimately be critical in the process, how you feel will help transform the way you behave.

The goal of Marriage, Serious Business is to create an enduring sense of marriage entrepreneurship within you so that you willingly modify and transform your behavior in order to take the steps required in a persevering and successful marriage. The reason most couples today are giving up prematurely is because they ignore the great benefits of staying together. According to Linda J. Waite and Maggie Gallagher, in their book Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially, “86 percent of the married people who rated their marriages as unhappy and decided to stay together, rated their marriage as having improved five years later.”  Stay with us and find out why it is worth not only giving it a try but also building a strong family that will prevail and leave a legacy for future generations.

We strongly believe that this kind of transformation cannot occur by attending a workshop or seminar or reading some articles or books. As educators we strongly believe that real learning and transformation only occur in a well-planned and elaborated process. This process not only has to include teaching but also interaction, assessment, reflection and assimilation, practice and mastery, sharing what has been learned, and reporting to accountability partners or coaches. That is precisely why we developed the Marriage Serious Business University, the online coaching tool that comes along with this book and that incorporates the latest and most successful trends in learning and behavior transformation. We invest thousands of dollars in our education and careers but most of us overlook our most important investment and endeavor. We never really got the intensive training nor the certification to become a parent or spouse, did we? We should not leave the future of our relationships in the hands of luck or fate. If we want to see real change and progress in our relationships we should consider registering right now and not let this transformation opportunity go by. Go sign up today by clicking at the “University” tab.

[Taken from the book, “Rules of the Game: How to succeed in life’s most important investment and endeavor: Marriage.”]