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How to choose a marriage partner for life

The word marriage can generate goosebumps and rollercoaster feelings in the ears of many singles. For some, it represents the end of life and happiness as it is, for others the illusion of a life of joy and One of the main factors that prompts failure in a marriage partnership is choosing the wrong person to be with us the rest of our lives. How to choosing the right partner for life’s most important investment and endeavor should be a matter of crucial importance, and urgent attention. Discover here the basics on how to make an appropriate selection, what are the areas of compatibility that we must take into consideration, and what is the best model of marriage partnership.

Marriage, Serious Business has developed a model, the “Family Intervention Model of Marriage, Serious Business.” This model covers 12 phases that every single should know and go through before considering and jumping into life’s most important investment and endeavor, marriage.

If at this point in our lives we have not been wondering about how important is to choose the right partner for life, we might have a very serious problem ahead of us. However, you might be wondering, how do I know that the person I am with is the right person for me?, What is it that all bachelor or bachelorette should know before embracing life’s most important investment and endeavor?, What should I expect from my future marriage? We should not wait any longer without having clear answers to these concerns and understand what the following phases are.

– The 3 Lethal Perceptions about marriage

– Why it is so important to regard marriage as very serious

– The Dependency Process

– Understanding the Risk Sources and the Rules of the Game

– Looking to fit or looking to excel (Becoming more valuable)

– Facing our Fears and Complexes

– Developing confidence (Becoming more confident)

– Understanding our needs and Niche

– Choosing our marriage partner

– Understanding the “Invisible Hand”

– Find out what is not being said