A social revolution of this magnitude cannot be achieved without the active participation of volunteers like you. Your contribution of time, ideas, and resources make a big difference.

We will never achieve the social transformation without input from hundreds and hundreds of volunteers all over the world.

Let us know what your areas of expertise and knowledge are and how you would like to help us,

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Although we need volunteers in all fields -by providing a space for you to give us your suggestions, the areas in which we need volunteers are currently the following:



Do you have contacts with local radio, television, newspapers, and magazines in your city or country?
Would you help us get in touch with the ? We need people that will help us ge tour radio and TV programs to local and national stations and our articles to magazines and newspapers in order to have our hosts to be interviewed in that media venues and to have our programs aired as well.


Do you have the skills to be a good promoter over the phone? Do you like talking on the phone and introduce yourself to people and business? We need people to contact churches, business and organizations over the phone to raise awareness of our movements and offer the services and resources we have.


Are you a social scientist, statesman, or an open-minded individual with strong sense of curiosity? Woould you like to do research and read? We need people to do research in the academic journals in order to find visual, statistics, survays, and studies to help strengthen the movement, “Marriage Serious Business”


Would you like to help expand our connections through the social environments? We need people that can help us develop a strong submarketing strategy to be used by feeding our social environments pages, banners, in places like facebook, linkedIn, Twitter, etc


Do you have experience and knowledge on video production and cameras? Are you good at Final Cut Pro and other video production software ? Are you good at Sound Track and other Mac compataible software?
Do you have experience in Radio? We need people to help us with cameras, sound , editing , and TV and radio production


Do you like to write and encourage other people with positive uplifting comments and ideas? Do you think your experience and knowledge might be helpful to others? We need people that feed our blog/form updated.


Are you a detailed-oriented and organized person? Do you like Data Entry? We need people that will input and keep our database updated.