Conferences for Churches

Marriages is very Serious Business because it is God’s business. Helping to develop and solidify the home should be at the heart of every church, since the home is without a doubt one of “… my Father’s business.” Without strong homes, you can’t have a strong church.
Each generation of believers has experienced a great challenge; some faced persecution, while others faced heresies. Our generation faces the greatest challenge in history: To continue to define marriage as the model God intended for families and the church. We can either be known as the generation that let God’s model of family go or the generation that stood up and effectively changed the way people perceive marriage back to the way God perceives it.

What better way to reach out to a world in darkness than bringing “the bread and the fish” they desperately need. We strongly believe that families are crying out for help, they don’t know what else to do, what can really work, how they can save their marriages and children. We strongly believe this is the most pressing need in the world today. Our resources provide a very effective and relevant bridge between the church and the community!

Mr. and Mrs. Otarola have combined two essential concepts that can bring you a fresh perspective on how to strengthen homes, because Marriage is, and will continue to be, very Serious Business and life’s most important investment and endeavor.

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Companies have become aware of the importance of positioning themselves as a preferred company by employees when it comes to the best place to work.This culture and investment not only place companies at a competitive advantage over their competition but it will attract and retain the best employees in the market.
Companies have found that investing in the families of their employees in training, family activities, and services for children brings stability to its employees and this is directly reflected in performance and a reduction in absenteeism.

In addition, companies that invest in the families of their employees have found that this contributes directly to the levels of job satisfaction, the levels impacting turnover and all the costs incurred in the process of replacing employees.

Combating the three essential factors leading to high hidden costs for businesses: Lack of motivation, absenteeism, and poor performance, knowing that family problems are at the top of causes for these negative factors.

Mr. Otárola has a special gift and talent in generating changes that raise employee morale, and therefore employee motivation and performance. This creates an organizational climate more conducive to higher productivity for businesses.Don’t wait any longer: Schedule your conference now!

Conferences for Education Institutions

Your Education Institutions have an outstanding potential to influence and shape the society we live in. Offering your parents CONFERENCES that will provide them the necessary tools to build strong and stable home environments that provide the frame for more successful students are, without a doubt, an added value that should not overlook.
Mr. Otarola has a special gift and talent in generating perceptual changes that directly affect attitudes and behaviors about family. This generates a climate in their homes that directly impacts the productivity and behavior of students in their schools.
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